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The Cultural Club fosters creativity and enhances event organizing skills of the students while providing them an opportunity to display their latent talents. The Club organizes creative activities such as dramatics, dance shows, singing, rangoli, face painting, mehndi, collage making etc.

Talent Hunt

The Talent Hunt presented a platform for students to showcase their talents. The reason behind organising this competition at the college level is to nurture the intrinsic qualities of students &remove their stage fear.Students exhibited their talent in various on -stage &off stage activities and performed activites in almost all geners. Off-stage activities were a combination of creative activities in which Shilpi Pandit became victorious by her naturalistic painting. On stage activities comprised of some stupendous performances which kept audience at a roar . The judgement was made difficult on the part of our judges where they ended by announcing a tie between Aditya and Rishabh. The event ended by the Prize distribution ceremony for all the participants.

Cooking Without Fire

An exciting and fun activity “Cooking Without Fire” was organized for PGDM Batch 2017-2019 on 12th July 2017 as a part of the Orientation Program. A unique challenge was given to teams of PGDM students where they had to cook a dish without using fire and had to manage in limited time and resources. There were 10 groups with 6 students in each group. Each group had a budget of Rs. 300 and preparation time of 1 hour. The students came with some unique ideas and delicious recipes like pinwheel sandwiches, chocolate laddoo, mojito, fruit cream, etc. The group which won the challenge made a dessert, in the shape of a "paan" which is Lucknow’s pride. It was a fun activity which made each and every student showcase his creativity. The learning derived from the game was teamwork, leadership, managing with limited resources, managing deadlines, etc.