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EEC Club

The EEC Club will help students in enhancing their employability quotient. This will be done through sector-based and domain-based knowledge enhancement, development of aptitude, group discussion and interview skills, in addition to self-confidence, positive attitude, grooming and other soft skills, so that the student can confidently appear in the placement process.


At this end of this training the student will:
  • Maintain a professional appearance, with appropriate business attire and personal grooming, that enhances the chances of professional success.
  • Be proficient in exhibiting professional body language to improve communication style.
  • Be adept at the skills required to qualify written aptitude tests conducted by companies as a part of the selection process.
  • Be ready to participate in Group Discussions on various topical as well as abstract topics.
  • Be knowledgeable with regard to train students in handling general, functional and sectoral questions in personal interview sessions.


IILM Academy of Higher Learning, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow organized a guest lecture on 08th November 2017 on the topic “The Financing Challenge: Where is the money?” The lecture was delivered by Prof. Prakash Singh, Professor, IIM, Lucknow. He addressed the MBA & PGDM students of IILM. The Programme started with the welcome of guest by Prof Sachin Srivastava, Associate Professor, IILM Academy of Higher Learning, Lucknow. IILM Lucknow is continuously striving for the overall development of students and trying to provide industry oriented education so that they can get suitable jobs. Keeping this objective in mind, this lecture was organized. Addressing the students of IILM Prof. Prakash Singh explained the various funding options available for the business. He pointed out the important business decisions related to financing of business. He took the example of airline industry and explained how airline companies are using various financing options available in the financial system. He also explained how funds can be raised for a business idea. At the end of his lecture he answered the student’s questions. The students were overwhelmed after attending the lecture of Prof. Prakash Singh. They said that, it was really a great learning experience for them and today’s lecture will definitely help them to understand business scenario in a better way. At the end Dr. Naela Rushdi, Director IILM thanked Prof. Prakash Singh for an enlightening lecture and presented him a memento.


A two-day Amazon Sellers Training Programme was organized at IILM Academy of Higher Learning, Lucknow from 4th October to 5th October. This training was organized by Entrepreneurship Development Institute in collaboration with IILM, Lucknow. More than 40 people participated in the training. During the training the participants learned the techniques of selling products on Amazon. At the end of the training an evaluation exam was organized and the successful candidates were provided certificates from Amazon. In the end Dr. Naela Rushdi, Director IILM thanked representatives of EDI, trainers of Amazon and participants and said that IILM will continue to facilitate such workshops in the future.


IILM’s approach to management education has always been to combine the conceptual with the practical. Keeping this philosophy in mind, an Industrial Visit to Amul Dairy, Lucknow was organized for MBA first year students on 5th August, 2017. The details of the operations that were shared with the students included a tour of the entire facility where the students gained valuable insights about Amul Dairy and its operations that start with the procurement of milk and then through the entire production process consisting of clarification, standardization, homogenization and pasteurization. The top management at the facility also gave a presentation to the students where they shared the vision of the company, the entire milk co-operative structure from a business perspective and the future plans of the Lucknow unit.


Mr. Akarshan is a professional corporate trainer and human capital developer. He has worked in IT industry for 7 years before getting into freelance training & consultancy. His few top corporate clients are HDFC (pan-India), Accenture Bangalore, Landmark, Reliance ADAG Group, etc. The lecture started with a short introduction about his career and experiences, and went about enlightening the students as to how a fluctuating mind makes us do things and lands us up into something that we have never thought about. He proved his point with an example of a PCM student graduating with BCom and finally landing into an IT company. Session moved further with the scenery activity which depicted how a group of people made similar natural scenes, with a mountain, embedded sun and emerging rivers from the mountains, which showed lack of innovation and effort.

Industrial Visit to Coca Cola Factory

The college arranged an industrial visit to Coca Cola bottling plant, Brindavan Bottlers located in Barabanki, Lucknow on 21st July 2017 for its PGDM Batch 2017-19. The students were given a close look at some of the important operations that go into the fabrication of beverage bottles, right from water treatment, soft drink processing, testing labs, filtration process, recycling, moulding and filling of the soft drink bottles. The trip was a practical learning experience for the students to have a better clarity and knowledge of big industries, where they learnt about the foundation and hierarchy of an industry, functionalities involved an overview of the job profiles and overall working environment.


Mr Raj Singh, a highly qualified and senior trainer, visited the Institute on July 13th, 2017. He addressed the class on the expectations from the industry, and the demeanour to be maintained by the trainees on the eve of their interviews. He added that the picture outside in the market was a struggle and students had to forego their reservist attitude and embark on the journey with a firm determination to expect the unexpected. He proffered various accounts from his own life as a professional and educated the students on how to tackle the diverse situations they would experience when they strode into the professional world.


A guest lecture was held on July 15th, 2017 by Dr Kumud Srivastava, a specialized psychologist, who lectured the students on the topic “Unlearn to Learn”. She said that when a cup is full then there is no further addition into it, anything additional would only overflow from the cup. Hence it was desirous that the students accepted the teachings of management, taught in the school with no prior pre-conceived notions. She discussed Life Skills, Self Awareness and Self Management techniques with the students.


Mrs. Vanita Yadav, a corporate resource person and a fervent teacher, impressed upon the students the immense significance of vocabulary of the English language and communication skills. She trained the students on how to articulate effectively and create an impact on the interviewer, during job placement interviews. She also made it a point to convey the conspicuous conduct the students had to display during an interview.


A guest lecture was held on July 14th, 2017 by the alumnus of IILM Lucknow, Mr. Krishna Shukla (PGDM Batch 2015-17) on the topic – “Digital Marketing”. As per him, digital marketing is an umbrella term for all of our online marketing efforts. Businesses leverage digital channels such as Google search, social media, email, and their websites to connect with their current and prospective customers. He focused on the new trends and technologies that can be used to popularize the business and to increase the earnings. His main agenda of the lecture was to explore the different online tools that are available now-a-days to advertise and market the products and the services of a company. As an individual also, he motivated the students to do something different and make an earning by doing things outside the curriculum. He also emphasized on the importance of formal education, attending classes and participating in institutional activities.


An exciting and fun activity “Build the Tower” was organized for the new PGDM Batch (2017-2019) on the 18th of July 2017 as a part of the Orientation Program.

The group was divided into 5 teams of 10 students each and they were assigned the task of building a tower using only newspapers and cello tape. The activity saw the students using their imagination to build towers of different shapes.

At the end, though there was just one winning team, all the students thoroughly enjoyed the game and learned a lot about teamwork, strategizing, work allocations, working with limited resources, group conflict etc.


Citied as one of “1000 world leaders for Hope”, Mr. Swapnil is a social entrepreneur, rover, inventor, linguist, writer and founder of “LIVE MAD”, a movement that spreads hope in troubled communities through social inventions, entrepreneurship and love. A dyslexic and synaesthetic by birth, his work explores the synergy and congruence of human senses. His social inventions span new age education system. He is one of the youngest change-makers to be featured by Forbes Magazine, the Better India. He is awarded by Himalayan Foundation. He is a case study at Newcastle University. In his session through his own experiences he urged students to learn to accept, to learn to believe that their existence is for a cause and to listen to their conscious when in dilemma. He took an example of Coal and Diamond, where both are carbon compound but valued differently and it’s the pressure that turn coal into diamond; similarly human brain is also a carbon which can become intellect after pressure. He explained to the students that there is nothing like “but” and if anyone states “but”, it means they are not ready. Motivated by his inspiring words, the students promised that they all would join hands to create a better India.


Mr Vineet Dubey, a financial expert with years of experience in training corporate employees and students of various professional institutes, on financial aspects of management, visited IILM Lucknow on the 17th of July, 2017. He addressed the class on the topic “Careers in Finance and Banking sector”. His subject weighed on the actual experiences and the expectations of the market in this sector. His vast understanding on the subject ensured a plethora of knowledge for the students.